3 herbs to kill candida + juice recipe / by Ellen Cotten


Candida albicans is a yeast that is apart of the human microbiome. Candida is naturally occurring in the body and a small amount is needed for digestion and nutrient absorption. However, if this yeast gets out of balance it can spread rapidly and cause dis-ease throughout the body.

Some symptoms of a candida overgrowth include fatigue, digestive issues, bloating, rashes, skin and nail infections, vaginal or unitary tract infections, oral thrush, brain fog, anxiety, sinus infections and hormonal imbalance.

Candida is an opportunist organism. Once this balance is thrown off it can be very difficult to get back under control. Some ways candida can become ‘activated’ is by excessive alcohol consumption, antibiotics, medication, chronic stress, grains, sugar and contraceptive pills.

There are many herbs that help kill candida like clove, wormwood, fennel seed and goldenseal root. I have seen great results from taking Herbal Blood by Puradyme which includes these herbs and enzymes to help kill and eliminate candida.

On top of herbal capsules, I have been adding bitter herbs to my juices which have also yielded powerful results! I recommend juicing herbs on top of taking an herbal capsule or tincture to maximize candida die off.
Here are my top 3 herbs to juice to kill candida:


Dandelion greens are a powerful herb that have been used as natural medicine for years. For those suffering from candida, a properly functioning liver is essential. Dandelion greens will kill the candida and support the liver in removing candida die off and other toxic waste that occurs. These greens also act as a mild laxative and aid digestion. Most people with a candida overgrowth have sluggish digestion, so juicing these herbs will help support the digestive system in removing these toxins.


Arugula is another powerful bitter herb that can be used to kill candida. Arugula is high in anti fungal phytonutrients and antioxidants. This is a powerful herb that fights fungus overgrowth in the body like candida.


Watercress is in the same family as arugula and also holds powerful anti fungal properties. If a candida overgrowth is left unattended it can spread into your blood stream becoming “systemic.” This is very difficult to remove. Luckily watercress acts as a blood purifier in the body. Juicing this herb will help clear the blood stream of harmful bacteria, fungus and toxins.


-Dandelion greens

Each of these herbs have a strong, potent taste to them. If you are just beginning your health journey these bitter herbs may be overwhelming to you. If this is the case, just add more apple to sweeten up your juice.
I eyeball my juice recipes and make enough for 32oz a serving. Drink as much as you’d like!
This drink is very healing and detoxifying.

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