Cleansing with fruit! Detox 101 / by Ellen Cotten


If you know me, you know I love fruit! Most of my daily intake comes from fruit.
However, I used to not always be this way.

When I was in the throws of a candida overgrowth, I was constantly researching on how to heal my gut. I read so many articles that said to not eat fruit if you are trying to rid candida. Fruit sugars would supposedly feed candida and worsen the condition. That fruit sugar fear mongering got me and I almost never ate the stuff.

Luckily, I later found information that said the exact opposite! That fruit was a powerful detoxifyer and should be the staple of your diet. Fruit isn’t what causes or continues candida but can be used to stop it.


What is fruit? Fruit is made up of glucose and fructose both of which are carbon and oxygen. Carbon and oxygen are the vital elements for life itself.

When we eat fruit we come alive because we are eating the exact elements required for life to even exist. The opposite of death (disease) is life (health.)

By eating fruit we creating health and eliminating an environment that is hospitable for disease.


Fruits are the easiest macronutrient for the body to digest. This means the body expends less energy to break down, assimilate and eliminate fruits. Higher water content fruits such as watermelon (92% water) only take 20 minutes to fully digest.

The energy our body would typically spend digesting food has now become available for our body to start deep cleaning and repairing our systems.

The amazing thing about the body is that it can self heal. It knows exactly what is and isn’t working. If we gift our bodies with easily digestible, high water content foods such as fruit, we take a load off. Now our bodies can spend the majority of its energy eliminating toxins (candida, parasites, waste) and repairing broken systems (lymph drainage, adrenal strengthening, kidney filtration, etc.)


I’ve found it beneficial to go low fat while you are in the detoxification process.

Fat is the hardest macronutrient for the body to digest. Cashews for example can take 2-6 hours to fully digest. That is a lot, especially when compared to the digestion time of fruit.

Fats are NOT bad for you. Avocados are amazing. However, when you are detoxing, especially if dealing with candida, parasites, or just a toxic body in general, you want to eat what is going to take the least amount of energy. When you are suffering from these imbalances you most likely will have weak adrenals, backed up lymph or a weak pancreas as well. In the body, everything works together. If your body is already having a hard time eliminating toxins, backing it up further with hard to digest fats will only worsen your condition. We want things to be light and easy while we are in the healing process.


Fruits have the highest flavonoids and the highest astringents, each great for detoxification.
Melons, berries, grapes and citrus are powerful detoxifiers.

Citrus is great for dissolving mucus build up in the body. Bacteria thrives off of mucus in the gut which can cause a low immune system, viruses, infections, acne, etc. Citrus acts as an astringent in the body and cleans out mucus.

Citrus also dissolves acid build up in the lymph. The lymphatic system runs throughout the entire body and acts like a drain that releases toxins and waste. Would you want your toilet backed up? Of course not, you want your pipes running clean! Same with the lymphatic system, which drains best in an alkaline environment. Although citrus is acidic in nature, it is alkalizing in the body.

Incorporating these detoxifying fruits into your diet will further your detoxification process!

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I experienced a new level of freedom once I began to discover the truth about fruit.
While I am enjoying these magnificent fruits, I am naturally detoxing every minute of every day!
We don’t need to blame nature for our sicknesses but instead use it as a tool to heal us.

I hope this article was helpful to anyone out there struggling with candida or any other health issue. I’m not a doctor, just sharing my experiences and information. :)

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