3 habits for healthy living / by Ellen Cotten

Health is about the journey not the destination.
If you are just starting your journey into better health it is important to note that big changes won’t happen overnight. The best way to begin is by adding small healthy habits to your daily routine. Eventually your list of good habits will grow and your bad, unhealthy habits will naturally fall off.
I didn’t become a raw vegan, yogi overnight. It started with a decision to choose things that supported my highest self and from there I began my journey into health.
Here are my top 3 healthy habits that I have incorporated into my daily routine!



Physical activity is an important component to health. It helps circulate the blood, move the lymphatic system, releases endorphins, rids anxiety, relieves stress and improves memory.
Find an activity you love and practice 30 minutes a day (or more!)
The key here is to find something you enjoy doing otherwise you are less likely to actually do it.
Your activity could be as simple as walking the neighborhood or dancing around your room!
For me I love yoga and practice everyday. Yoga helps me stretch out my body after a long day of work, focus on breath and release negative energy, thoughts and patterns.




We all know staying hydrated is important however I prefer to hydrate mostly through fruits and vegetables. Most fruits and vegetables have a water content of 80-98% water. On top of water these foods contain natural sugars, amino acids, mineral salts and vitamins that replenish and hydrate our bodies.
A study by the University of Aberdeen Medical School found that replenishing with watermelon or cucumbers after working out is two times more effective than rehydrating with water.
Since my diet is mostly fruit and juice based, I am always hydrating my cells and rarely feel dehydrated.
Here are some fruits and veggies high in water:



Cucumber: 96%
Blueberries: 95%
Pineapple: 95%
Tomato: 94%
Watermelon: 92%
Grapefruit: 91%
Papaya: 91%
Apples: 84%
Grapes: 81%
Banana: 74%


Romaine: 98%
Celery: 95%
Carrots: 87%




Earthing (also known as grounding) is coming into contact with the earth’s surface elections by walking barefoot. We live in an electrically charged world (including ourselves) and when we experience these natural energy transfers it creates powerful healing benefits.
I love to ground myself by walking barefoot on the beach or in a field of grass. You can also lay your full body in the grass or sit by a tree. Gardening is another great way to get in touch with the earth and connect with nature.
When we do these things electrons from the earth move freely through the body, creating healing effects. The body is able to move out of fight or flight mode and our parasympathetic nervous system is supported.
Grounding can help improve sleep and mood, release free radicals, reduce stress, pain and inflammation.

I hope these tips can help you on your journey towards improved health, vitality and wellness!
-Ellen Organic