3 Ingredient Hemp Yogurt / by Ellen Cotten


This hemp yogurt recipe is super easy to make and only takes 3 ingredients!
I love homemade yogurt because you can control how long it ferments. The longer you let the yogurt ferment the more probiotic packed it will be. The sugar content goes down as well as the live cultures eat up the sugars. 
Most conventional yogurts at the grocery store are only left to ferment between 4-8 hours. 



1 cup hemp seeds
3/4 cup coconut milk (or any liquid, water and coconut water work as well.)
1 heaping spoonful of Puradyme LiyfBiotic 


-In a blender mix ingredients together until it is creamy and thick.
If you need more liquid you can add some. It's better to start with less and build your way up so it doesn't get too thin.
-Pour mixture into a mason jar, leaving some room at the top. As the yogurt ferments it will fill up the container. 
-Screw the lid on but leave it a little loose so the yogurt can breathe. 
-Place in the coldest, darkest corner of your fridge overnight or ideally 24 hours. 
The longer you let it ferment the more sour tasting it gets. 

Optional: You can add maple syrup, agave or whatever sweetener of your choice.
You can also add a scoop of Raw Liyf Protein for flavor and added nutrients. This protein is enzyme enhanced and has a wide spectrum of amino acids. This blend will help boost metabolic rate, promote fat loss, improve immunity and antioxidant function.