My health journey began as a desire to remove unwanted symptoms caused by a candida overgrowth.

Through raw foods, juices and other detoxification methods, I was able to regain my health and life!

Today I am a holistic health coach and help other people reach their health and wellness goals. 

 I live an active life, and my diet is plant-based, which affords me the opportunity to feel and be healthy. Time and again, I have seen just what a positive impact my lifestyle has on every area of my life. To me, a holistic approach is the only approach that makes sense, providing me with energy and confidence at a constant rate.

I enjoy sharing with others all that I know about a plant-based, active, holistic lifestyle. After all that it has done for me, I feel a responsibility so spread it.

Outside of health, I enjoy nature. Animals put a smile on my face, and there is nothing like an afternoon spent under the sun.